ANU Data Mining Group


One of our research projects is the development of an efficient and flexible data mining toolbox (called DMtools) based on the scripting language Python, which is capable of handling common tasks in data mining.

Two core features of the toolbox are caching of database queries and parallelism within a collection of independent queries. The toolbox provides a number of routines for basic data mining tasks on top of which the user can add more functions - mainly domain and data collection dependent - for complex and time consuming data mining tasks.

The DMtools have been presented at two data mining conferences:

Currently, three modules of the DMtools are available under the GNU General Public License for download (dmtools.tgz contains all files as a compressed archive):
Note: Not all functionality has been tested under Windows!

Please contact us if you have questions, problems or ideas. All feedback is much appreciated.


Ole Nielsen (
Peter Christen (peter (dot) christen {at} anu [dot] edu {dot} au)

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